Sunday, 18 January 2009

Some random bakes.

Nigella's pancakes with bacon and maple syrup from Feast (prefer the cottage cheese based ones to these banana "but don't taste of banana, yeah rite" pancakes.)

James Martin from Saturday Kitchen's Buttermilk scones. Still my all time favourite recipe for scones because they don't make many and the buttermilk makes them lovely and soft.

Rachel Allen's Chicken Pie

Some things should be noted. I'm not a major fan of Rachel Allen. She always seemed such a poor man's version of Nigella. Some trophy wife of a producer somewhere making a lady of leisure's living of cookery shows playing up the Irish accent in a cavernous show kitchen. Perhaps it was because all her helpful "tricks" had already been touted by others a long time ago - like getting the garlic smell out of your hands... But over the years she's kind of grown on me. The format is a little twee, the pink accessories want to make me barf, but she isn't the spawn of all things faux goddess anymore. (FYI I have no idea with regards to her personal life etc, but like my distaste for Ashley Judd, one wonders how she gets good films with little acting skill.)

So here I was, tapping away on the internet last week whilst she was on tv, and there it was. A beast of a pie. It was so beautiful. Her job was done. Out I trotted to buy a huge pie dish (we don't own ceramic anything.) Bought a lovely Waitrose chicken. Then disregarded most of her recipe to make a pie. Her recipe is here but mine uses, no herbs (too pricy and too wasted) , some chicken powder, no celery because I hate it, no ham because we didn't have it, and no cream because I forgot to add it. Oh and because I couldn't find a surface clear enough to roll the pastry, it doesn't quite cover the meat. This sounds a lot like most of my recipes no?

As it was, it was good. Not great. Well seasoned for me - for once there was no "add some more salt next time" but it wasn't filling. Better luck next time.