Saturday, 8 November 2008

Truffle buffle

Made them. And whilst they look okay, they taste BLEUGH!! Reason being was I didn't roast the nuts. But I didn't PLAN on using nuts. I only used them because the white chocolate stuck to the pan when you crank them off the plate. Hence they were a last minute adjustment. Recipe I used was one using Golden Oreos. But this is the UK so we didn't have those. So I used ginger nuts and digestives. But they tasted blah so I added loads of lemon curd.... so in the end I don't think it's even worth linking the recipe! Recipe I would follow (if I was sane) looks like this.

Lemon Cheesecake Truffles
200g soft cheese
Half the smallest pack of digestives
Half a pack of ginger nuts (whatever was left over from the cheesecake!)
Half a pack of white chocolate cake covering (Dr Oetekars? is about 300g in total)
Bag of chopped mixed nuts.
3 large table spoonfuls of Lemon curd.

1. Bash the biscuits.
2. Mix in the soft cheese and lemon curd.
3. Roast the nuts.
4. Melt the chocolate in the microwave.
5. Roll balls of biscuit mixture in the white chocolate with forks and dip and roll in the nuts.
6. Chill.
Makes around two/three platefuls (so accurate I know!) Come Christmas I'm doing these in coconut.

It took that long to get the pics out...

Just some random pics. I went to a friends house and did the Gordon Ramsey cookalong. Made possible by the fact he has a tv you can pause and rewind!!

The starter Pea, mint and bacon soup was yummy, the lasagna a lot smaller than on screen (and sadly lacking in mushrooms). The dessert was lemon and lime syllabub and although it tasted like there was a touch too much cream, it was a good laugh to compare the pile of zest from Ramsey's lemon and what we got from our three Tesco's value ones!!

It's been awhile since I've been round people's houses but that was quite enjoyable. Gordon Ramsey, bit of background, is the footballer who is now a major celebrity chef and this is his rapid fire, cook a meal for four people in an hour job. It helps if you can eat when he does the boring bits, but in all honesty, he goes so quickly you can't actually pan cook any of the stuff in the time that he does it on screen.

The other picture is a pic of my rhubarb. I've never bought the stuff before, but it was on discount so I bought it, roasted it in lemon juice and sugar and it turned out quite nice! (Needless to say, I was the only one who would eat it in my family.)

Today I will try and make some cheesecake truffles. It's an effort to use the lemon curd, the biscuits and the lemon leftover, the double cream, chocolate and three packs of soft cheese I bought today. It was entirely stupid because there is no call for double cream and I need maybe one pack of soft cheese, but one was stupid and I thought I wouldn't have enough when I was in the supermarket.

Failing that I need to make a lemon cake of some kind.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dirty little cheesecake...

Not to sex up dessert... no, not at all. But I've always had... earth moving experiences with food. It has been noticed that I seem to inadvertantly *mmmmmm* when I eat certain foods I find appealing. Gu chocolate molten middle puddings - those ones you put in the microwave for a minute, and oddly enough Scottish Oat cakes really do it for me.

Anyway today it was all about the cheesecake. I should have gone to the gym and watched a film at the cinema since it wasn't rainy, but instead me, mum and sis hit the local Waitrose for a shopping trip. Came back with the makings of cheesecake because after last year, year of the gingerbread house, this year is for cheesecake. It's a competitive thing. I think I must have mentioned. If not, here it is again, the ladies who bake are competitive. The chinese chiffon cake is the main item of choice, however my great-aunt has recently discovered the joy of cheesecake and orders it if they go to cafes. They don't know how to make one. I do. Hence since her daughter-in-law now makes gingerbread (copycat) I need to up my game and make cheesecake to allow mum bragging rights. Sorry, not bragging rights (we are talking about a daughter in law who is terminally ill and all, but competitive baking holds no prisoners). It's not bragging rights, it's "oh, well my daughter made this, oh she's so lazy, she can't bake at all, but just try this..."

So that's the backstory. Nevermind I'm not actually a fan of cheesecake, but hey. It's just life - I love raspberries, none of my family do. Hence there's a problem finding people to eat my food that I like to make. Regardless, the "family" favourite is to buy the lemon cheesecake from M&S or Tescos. Personally I liked the apple muffin cheesecake I bought once at Sainsburies (it was on sale!) Either way, it means I'm having to perfect a recipe for something I don't ACTUALLY really like.

However, today I made the cheesecake. It came from GoodFood, with a few adjustments... like no raspberries, a deeper dish, lemon curd, ginger nuts rather than digestives... is it even the same cake??!! Still, one baked and the middle was molten and you are supposed to let it cool and set, but... it's our family. We like things hot. No one ever serves cheesecake hot. Or even warm. It's wrong isn't it? Well I sliced. I spooned the liquid middle with the swirls of lemon curd and oooooohhhhhhh.... It has a sexy warm liquid feeling. Like....the melting middle puddings. Like a warm version of a particularly voluptuous trifle... oh that's a thought... But anyway we sat there spooning this rather delectable cheesecake and drifting nicely into a lemon buttery cloud. Mmmm. *Sigh* time to shake the pictures out of my mobile. Enjoy.

Dirty lemon cheesecake
12 ginger nuts
50 g unsalted butter

600g cream cheese
160g sugar
2tbsp flour
2 eggs
1 yolk
140ml sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
Few tablespoons of lemon curd

Method to my madness:
1. Bash ginger nuts and stir with melted butter.
2. Smush into the base of a loose-bottomed tin. Think mine was 9 inches.
3. Bake briefly (less than five minutes) at Gas Mark 5.
4. Beat cream cheese, sugar, flour, eggs, yolk, sour cream and vanilla together.
5. Pour onto biscuit base.
6. Drop small drizzles or teaspoons of lemon curd artistically on cheesecake.
7. Drag knife through to make funky patterns.
8. Bake for 50 minutes until edges come away very slightly, middle is molten and wobbly.
9. Turn off oven and leave in there until the middle solidifies a bit more.
10. Just eat it warm regardless. It's... yummy.