Sunday, 26 June 2011

Fruit gateau

Perhaps it's wrong to call this a gateau. It's only got two layers for a start. Anyway, it's my attempt at the chinese-ified gateau's that you get in Chinatown, without the faux cream because I still don't want to try the lard concoction. This is the sky-high vanilla buttermilk cake (rather than chiffon) and covered with whipped cream and fruit. The intention was to wrap the cake in mango like they do in the shops, but I realised that a) my mangos were overripe and slightly squishy, b) I'm a bad slicer, c) the mango is not very "tall" compared to my cake (even though there are just two rather than the three that the sky-high recipe makes - that other layer was eaten hot.) Anyway, just a picture then.Nom.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Celebration cakes and chocolate decals

This lady made a cake at work and it tasted amazing. I asked for the recipe and I was surprised to hear it was Nigella's Victoria Sponge from How to be a Domestic Goddess. I very rarely make anything from Nigella's cake book any more and never this sponge. Probably because it was a Victoria Sponge as well, for which I've used the Good Housekeeping book that my mum has had since the 80s. I think I messed up the temperature somewhat as it didn't taste as good though :( Just slightly tighter somehow.

As it was Father's Day today I made it for him. Just cream, minimal fruit decorations etc. Parental approval all round. 

I've been messing with chocolate lately and that's why it's got some leftover chocolate squiggle squares on top.

The other little chocolate number I made was the below for my sister's colleague's birthday. They had a £5 kitty for a cake so I figured I'd experiment so she might get something nicer than a standard M&S tray bake.

It was a standard Sky High vanilla buttermilk cake with buttercream in between, but I doodled melted white and dark chocolate on a bit of parchment first and wrapped it round a cake tin before letting it chill .

It was a very lucky thing it did come loose from the tin. The impressive thing was how bendy it was still. In fact the ends didn't join properly and I could use it as a cuff bracelet almost. So I cuffed the cake effectively.

Added a few words piped in dark chocolate on parchment paper (again peeled off) and then we were done. Nothing fancy, no fruit (I wasn't exactly hitting a £5 but I didn't want to go OTT in funding this girl I've never met's birthday.)

Happy birthday to the random girl out there in the universe.