Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chocolate salted caramel cookies

I'm going through a phase.... well the world over is. Salted caramel is on everything, even if it's not really salted which kinda sucks. Anyway, I'm a fan from my first Laduree salted caramel and Mr William Curley didn't really help stop my addiction.

So other than my blondies, I've taken to making these cookies in my spare time. Spare. Time. Pah! At the moment it really translates to procrastination time. I'm studying (again) and periodically subjecting myself to healthy eating and exercise-y type diet time whilst not moving my butt from the kitchen table whilst I pore over my books. I also simultaneously not hate my ex, but these are definitely good cookies to distract myself with. They are ridiculously easy to make (melt butter and then mix everything in) and I've made them both with, and without the caramel centre and the only thing you really need to know is, DO NOT OVERBAKE THEM. They are made chiefly of sugar and so when you bake them for fifteen and poke them, they are still soft. Go with it and just take them out of the oven and they do set up some. The other thing you should probably know is Rolos seem to have been taken off our shelves other than in those cinema style packs. I therefore have used Galaxy caramels but note, if you're using them, make sure you do a relatively smallish cookie as the caramel to cookie ratio has to be just right...

Original recipe is here:

As usual I've adjusted it - because I can. My changes are to put in a good handful of peanut butter chips (I think I got them on holiday but there are videos online to show you how to make your own.) As I've just used them up, I think I will substitute with actual nuts next time. I also don't have the nutella to put into the cookie and it still works. And to make mine round, I used my hands to ball the cookies before hand.  That's all folks, have fun and blame the lovehandles on me :)