Sunday, 21 July 2013

This year's birthday cake!

How do you follow the farm cake and the Ninky-Nonk? With a Carcrash cake that's what!

My nephew's latest obsession is Traffic lights. In fact he ran off with the two spare ones and then complained loudly every time we removed them so he could, you know, eat dinner, get a bath that kind of thing.

A bit of a low effort one from me, but I'm studying at the moment. The cake was baked before midday and iced quite quickly in the afternoon. Mum (aka grandma) was disappointed I wasn't going to be making a carved number but personally - study and the prospect of needing a chiropractor after I'd made it... figured I'd wait till he was older. I'm sure car cakes will make an appearance again.

Traffic lights made of those sweets called Drumsticks (Poundland!!) dipped in water and wrapped in black fondant with jelly tots dabbed with water and then pressed in. Now that was impressive - I thought they'd fall off pretty quick but they lasted all the running around and tapping.

The zebra crossings are simply lollypops with stripes drawn on and ... oh the traffic cones were a surprising pain to get right. They just are. Allow time for them if you're doing them, just that the white band seems to stretch more than the middle and yet it doesn't quite look right etc.etc.

All in all, happy kid :) He mostly ignored the chocolate cake (sandwiched with ganache) but then his fixation with the traffic lights were so great he didn't even pick off the jelly tots!!

One year till the next one - unless Penny's birthday isn't in fact during my holiday! Laters xx