Sunday, 5 September 2010

Gateau Saint Honore

Rightly or wrongly, I am a little bit chuffed at this one. Not because it tasted the best, but because after many failed attempts, this is the first time choux pastry worked for me! The recipe is from James Martin's "Desserts" and the first thing you might notice is that his instructions conflict between the top step by step "immediately add the eggs" and the bottom highlighted section "allow to cool before adding the eggs". On the grounds I didn't want scrambled eggs, I asked my sister to have a look at our good ol' Good Housekeeping book which said to cool slightly :P

So that's a choux pastry base and puffs. Mr Martin appears to omit the crucial stage of choux which is to pierce and return to the oven to dry out. Fortunately, online he appears to have amended this faux pas!

What else do you need to know? The cream is whipped double cream folded with custard and orange flower water since I didn't have any suitable liqueur. I have two tiny blisters on my fingers from attempting to dip the buns in caramel. The caramel burnt a little bit too much and detracted from the taste of the cake... and oh, the cake looked better with the half ice cream scoops of cream in the centre, but I had a piping back so it just seemed a waste of all the extra cream... Overall, still chuffed.


So I had a look at my stats today. I never realised they were there before but I had a click. Oddly enough the Rachel Allan pie had the largest number of hits and I went to click on the link to the recipe to see if it still works. To my surprise I saw MY picture on the Goodfood website above the recipe. Submitted by someone called UKTVSTAR. I don't mind mind as such, but it's left me quietly fuming that no one asked. I don't want to be one of those sadf*cks who need to copyright everything - I take pictures with my mobile phone and that's like 2mpx? Grr. Grr. and more Grr. Like do people REALLY need a pic of shop bought puff pastry covering meat? Ai.