Saturday, 24 November 2012

Peppa Pig

Meet Peppa Pig! I think this might be the one for me. Not perfect, but for a chocolate birthday cake, I think this is the one. The recipe is the "best" chocolate cake recipe which I tried before and didn't like, but tried it again in preparation for this and I thought... "Wow. Okay, this works." I made it in a victoria sandwich tin which at about 6.75 inches? (I don't know... it was in my cupboard!) and takes 45minutes. It tastes like a damp chocolate brownie, complete with the papery top. The only tiny dampener on this is that because it is a brownie essentially, it  doesn't slice so neatly. It does rather crumble a lot. Which is just as well we have that much milk chocolate ganache on it.

Peppa is the second "commission" from my sister-in-law's friends. I say "commission" as in they pay me for my materials so I can afford to play with fondant for fun. With 4 large bars of Galaxy and about 100g of dark going into the ganache (I did double chocolate to cream in fluid ounces - just boil double cream and pour over chopped chocolate - as it's milk you don't even need to break it up much) and 200g dark into the cake itself, you can see that this is not a cake you make for free and probably a hideous idea if you wanted to be profitable. In total I baked... about an hour for the cake and the ganache the night before, and from nine till half one to decorate it. Hypothetically then if I charged a fifty pounds for the cake... I wouldn't make minimum wage and that's BEFORE I deduct tax and costs. Wow. Kudos to pro-cakers out there. 

This cake was a testament to the online arena. For Peppa, bow to the walnut whip method. I was actually very tempted to make a George out of the mini walnut whips you can get from Marks and Spencers.
The letters I learnt to do from youtubing tappit advice. Evil little things anyway.

So there you have it. Peppa. She lost an ear enroute but I think she survived the Van Gogh experience to be eaten all the same. Looking forward to another project already!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Off seasonal baking

Second attempt at using the pro fondant mat. I LOVE the  fondant mat. It is soooo irritation that it is so much more expensive in the UK than it is in the US. However, I have to say, worth every penny.

I bought the super huge version (as why not) and I kind of regret it as you only need about a 14 inch circle for a cake of two layers. Still. You never know, I might make a huge wedding cake one day.

This thing lets you apply fondant beautifully. I'm sure I might have learnt to do it normally but I don't do it enough. Oh. And I learnt. I'm actually willing to eat Tesco's own brand fondant!

The above cake is the cocoa-buttermilk cake from Dorie  Greenspan's book. The third time I've baked it and I hate to say it. It is dry. I give up. Each time. I've rescued it before for applying four layers of ganache inside but I'm not willing to do it this time. I have a Peppa Pig cake for someone soon and I WILL get a good chocolate cake if it kills me. Especially as everyone seems to want chocolate!!!