Saturday, 8 November 2008

It took that long to get the pics out...

Just some random pics. I went to a friends house and did the Gordon Ramsey cookalong. Made possible by the fact he has a tv you can pause and rewind!!

The starter Pea, mint and bacon soup was yummy, the lasagna a lot smaller than on screen (and sadly lacking in mushrooms). The dessert was lemon and lime syllabub and although it tasted like there was a touch too much cream, it was a good laugh to compare the pile of zest from Ramsey's lemon and what we got from our three Tesco's value ones!!

It's been awhile since I've been round people's houses but that was quite enjoyable. Gordon Ramsey, bit of background, is the footballer who is now a major celebrity chef and this is his rapid fire, cook a meal for four people in an hour job. It helps if you can eat when he does the boring bits, but in all honesty, he goes so quickly you can't actually pan cook any of the stuff in the time that he does it on screen.

The other picture is a pic of my rhubarb. I've never bought the stuff before, but it was on discount so I bought it, roasted it in lemon juice and sugar and it turned out quite nice! (Needless to say, I was the only one who would eat it in my family.)

Today I will try and make some cheesecake truffles. It's an effort to use the lemon curd, the biscuits and the lemon leftover, the double cream, chocolate and three packs of soft cheese I bought today. It was entirely stupid because there is no call for double cream and I need maybe one pack of soft cheese, but one was stupid and I thought I wouldn't have enough when I was in the supermarket.

Failing that I need to make a lemon cake of some kind.

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