Sunday, 19 April 2009

Apple cupcakes

Almost everything looks better with icing sugar. With the possible exception of my stove. What I did notice was that it does, like makeup, accentuate the pores. Hmm. I think I'm transgressing because I spent Saturday looking for new foundation. Maybe I should consider dipping my face in icing sugar. The colour is probably in line with my goth-like skin anyway.

The recipe came from Faircakes and I won't repeat it here. It was, a relatively decent recipe. Pretty much victoria sponge, give or take a few spoons of cornflour. It was... just vanilla cupcake. As it was designed for people to plaster with icing, it made only ten normal muffin tin sized cupcakes. For me, the minimum spoonage into one of those cups is one "plop" from a normal tablespoon (i.e. the non-officiated tablespoon people actually own.) This is why I only made ten.

Once they were out of the oven, the first few were eaten warm by Daddy dearest, who asked me regarding timing so he could return from his walk and not miss the fresh from oven taste. He ignores all baking after this five minute time frame. Since there wasn't that many remaining, I just cut a little cone out and filled it with some apple sauce made from the leftover apple and a spoon of sugar. I WAS going to do a whipped cream swirl over it. But with around four cupcakes left it seemed a waste, hence we just have some top-hatted apple cupcakes.

My other bake was something for Cookie Carnival, which I'm not entirely sure I'm allowed to post about yet. Will read the rules as next week I'm in Edinburgh and will have no time to post. Brb.

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