Saturday, 9 May 2009

Snickerdoodles and things wot I dun wit da buttercream

Oh happy day!! Oh happy Dayyyy... last weekend I made snickerdoodles. As you do. It came from the Ultimate cookie book and I downsized on the sugar for the parentals and they liked it. Snickerdoodles (such a cool name) to me should be softer and more cookie bendy like the chocolate chip things you get in shops. However, that might be because M&S once upon a time had bendy snickerdoodles in their shops. Those might have been more peanutty and chocolatey though. Not sure if it's my memory or whether they thought that was a cool name to call american cookies.

Anyhow, as usual, I digress. Snickerdoodles are apparently originally German and the name got mutilated by the good ol' US of A. But it is such a cool name! These babies, probably because instead of making 36, I made 15 -20 golfball sized blobs on a few baking pans, turned out a bit humped and less cracked, which doesn't look like the wikipedia picture but I'm not that bummed. As a result they kept really well and I ate them the next day without being disappointed.

If I did it again, I'd put more cinnamon in the rolling mix as I really wanted distinct brown vs crack patches (no jokes please gentlemen!)

There are gazillion snickerdoodle recipes out there. So go forth on the internet and search people! I think I'll try another variation next time. Good, but not enough to make me commit!

Just for silliness sake, here's a pic of what I did with the remaining cream cheese frosting from the carrot cake. Gingernut sandwiches (shop bought with squishy cream)

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