Monday, 16 November 2009

Afternoon tea at the Carnaby

Afternoon tea on short notice. One of my new favourite websites featured this one, and we went as it was convenient. First off, it's a Hilton. Therefore do not expect much. We were one of two tables that afternoon, and it took 45 minutes to serve us. The tea comes from Twinings in bags, the sugar is granulated without their own serving spoons (I hate using wet spoons). But to the review: It was £14. What do you expect?

You are served one of these little stacks each. The scones are warm and plain (joy for my sister, the non-raisin eater). However - you get ONE pot of jam each. Strawberry. I'm a purist. I expect a selection somewhere. There's clotted cream in the little black scoop, which did not match the tea set at all. Those little brown cones were either frozen mousse or very stable chocolate ice cream - nice, but when there is only one choice of cake on the stack - apple and walnut, you feel a little robbed of afternoon tea joy.

The sandwiches were cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese. Crust free, but slightly dry from being left uncovered briefly without damp teatowel or equivalent.

All in all, wouldn't go again - but it was pretty decent in terms of you could stay there all day and just have tea refills and I'd doubt they'd care...

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