Sunday, 11 November 2012

Off seasonal baking

Second attempt at using the pro fondant mat. I LOVE the  fondant mat. It is soooo irritation that it is so much more expensive in the UK than it is in the US. However, I have to say, worth every penny.

I bought the super huge version (as why not) and I kind of regret it as you only need about a 14 inch circle for a cake of two layers. Still. You never know, I might make a huge wedding cake one day.

This thing lets you apply fondant beautifully. I'm sure I might have learnt to do it normally but I don't do it enough. Oh. And I learnt. I'm actually willing to eat Tesco's own brand fondant!

The above cake is the cocoa-buttermilk cake from Dorie  Greenspan's book. The third time I've baked it and I hate to say it. It is dry. I give up. Each time. I've rescued it before for applying four layers of ganache inside but I'm not willing to do it this time. I have a Peppa Pig cake for someone soon and I WILL get a good chocolate cake if it kills me. Especially as everyone seems to want chocolate!!!

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