Saturday, 24 November 2012

Peppa Pig

Meet Peppa Pig! I think this might be the one for me. Not perfect, but for a chocolate birthday cake, I think this is the one. The recipe is the "best" chocolate cake recipe which I tried before and didn't like, but tried it again in preparation for this and I thought... "Wow. Okay, this works." I made it in a victoria sandwich tin which at about 6.75 inches? (I don't know... it was in my cupboard!) and takes 45minutes. It tastes like a damp chocolate brownie, complete with the papery top. The only tiny dampener on this is that because it is a brownie essentially, it  doesn't slice so neatly. It does rather crumble a lot. Which is just as well we have that much milk chocolate ganache on it.

Peppa is the second "commission" from my sister-in-law's friends. I say "commission" as in they pay me for my materials so I can afford to play with fondant for fun. With 4 large bars of Galaxy and about 100g of dark going into the ganache (I did double chocolate to cream in fluid ounces - just boil double cream and pour over chopped chocolate - as it's milk you don't even need to break it up much) and 200g dark into the cake itself, you can see that this is not a cake you make for free and probably a hideous idea if you wanted to be profitable. In total I baked... about an hour for the cake and the ganache the night before, and from nine till half one to decorate it. Hypothetically then if I charged a fifty pounds for the cake... I wouldn't make minimum wage and that's BEFORE I deduct tax and costs. Wow. Kudos to pro-cakers out there. 

This cake was a testament to the online arena. For Peppa, bow to the walnut whip method. I was actually very tempted to make a George out of the mini walnut whips you can get from Marks and Spencers.
The letters I learnt to do from youtubing tappit advice. Evil little things anyway.

So there you have it. Peppa. She lost an ear enroute but I think she survived the Van Gogh experience to be eaten all the same. Looking forward to another project already!

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