Sunday, 4 November 2007

The first...

Well I was going to call myself foodb!tch but just in case I disturbed the masses, hey. I'll see if I can change it. After getting wireless and discovering a world of food blogs, I was upset (oh dear god if I got upset about that I would be sad!!) Okay, um, perturbed that they seemed to be mainly aussies writing them. Brilliant natural lighting for their food pics I have to admit, but I figured I'd write one from the UK before searching for more british blogs.

Another moan and groan seems to be this obsession that unilaterally all these bloggers are focussed on Nigella Express. HELLOOOOOOOOO. Do these people have tvs? Now I understand it must be hard on the other side of the globe. But here is what you see on good old BBC2. Nigella eating her "express" lunch of noodles WITH chopsticks on a red double decker bus. This is London. Noodles on a bus? Don't get me wrong, I love Nigella. I own several of her books. I have to cut down the amount of sugar and butter that goes into her recipes to make my family eat it, and me in fact. I don't like my dentist and she is most definitely his friend.

Here it goes. My list of idols. Nigel Slater. Watch the original series of Real Food. My sister and I both would readily sleep with him based on watching him make icecream. Unfortunately they never replayed the series on terrestrial tv and we don't have UKFood. Nigella is second on the list. POSSIBLY followed by the likes of the Yorkshire man Brian Turner who admittedly I only see on ReadySteadyCook. I like Bill Granger to watch because he's so camp and because the production team are brilliant. But unsung and I'm guessing unknown to the other side of the planet, from one of my favourite shows "The Best" which never got repeated, Silvana Franco, Paul Merrett and Ben Donaghue (aussie!) They actually had decidely different cooking styles and more importantly it looked a) doable b) edible. Now. For my eye candy. I'm sure he can probably cook but I only saw him on Saturday Kitchen once - he took the spot for fastest ommlette, Jun Tanaka. Therefore, where other women look to Brad Pitt, please see attached for my decidedly middleaged type fantasy objects.

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Liyana T said...

Hahahahahaha Gurl, I feel ya. I mean I wanna stuff my vajayjay on jun tanaka's face as well. In addition, I used to have this motherfucking huge crush on this thai actor, ananda everingham, you should look him up. Absolutely delish. If only if only you could get tanaka, I mean ure closer there LOL. Viva La Femme, keep screwing hot men and eat good food ;)