Sunday, 4 November 2007

Mi amore

If you're wondering why I posted three times in one day, it's because

a) I'm enjoying my recently installed wireless.

b) I recently discovered food blogs as opposed to just random dialogue about life.

c) Originally I posted because a guy was late picking me up.

Now I'm procrastinating, I have a room to clean, a suit case to pack and my appointment card to find. Here comes the random dialogue, for a foodie, I am in hell. My usual life (stresshead treasury person) which is eased by a chocolate affliction, has pushed me to a ulcer-ridden person. The *pop* was 2 years ago exactly and now post going back to my normal life it seems to have reared it's head again and now all sharp, spicy and hard foods are verboten to me. Goodbye toast! Goodbye crisps! Urgh. Funnily enough, the majority of soft foods are sweet foods. Good in some ways, bad bad bad in others. Have a picture of what happened to the banana my boss left me one day. White chocolate chip and banana muffin.

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