Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New York, New York...

I return from the US having eaten most of the delectations that we hear about only in books over here. Admittedly some were in places of dubious repute, but try this on for size:


Egg soda (some touristy place where we also got a "parfait" cake with cream and fruit and some waffles) (This is a pic of my sister)

Chicken udon (Japanese)


Corn muffins (dry things with sweetcorn in but with crispy top) (au bon pain)

Cinnamon bun (cold the gits)

Cosi's flatbread sandwich with pork and brie

Bubba Gumps stuffed shrimp (weird that what they stuff it is is so rich - crab, and that it is less stuffed, more balls placed on top of flayed shrimp)


  • Pax breakfast wrap
  • Beef and Sesame chinese in Chinatown
  • Magnolia cupcakes (only the red velvet one was wow enough for the trip)
  • Japanese sushi for dinner


  • Cafe Bari for redpepper ommlette wrap with breakfast potatoes (hash browns)
  • Baked ziti at Rocky's Diner (italian cafe)
  • French toast rice pudding with roasted peach topping (omigod, so great, so gorgeous - Rice to dreams)
  • Pink Berry frozen yoghurt with chocolate chips (my sister was horrified she queued that long only to find what they were selling was YOGHURT and not ice cream)
  • Chicken Rice soup and biscuit (dry-ish, like a scone but with buttermilk)
  • Pumpkin Pie (Wholefoods store, tastes soft but smooth-ish)
  • Snickerdoodles cookie (nice buttery biscuit)


Cholla french toast (Ellen's star dust diner, yummy yummy and with singing staff)

Steak (Tad's steak - place where mexican's eat cheap food with Mash and gravy. Seriously their "garlic bread" has butter from a vat poured over)

Maxies on Times Square Meatloaf and potatoes.


  • Oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar (Pax. Omigod I never knew porridge could taste that lovely)

  • Trump's Grill fixed price lunch - caesar salad, burger and brownie with ice cream

  • Sbarro Pizza at the airport - god that base is hard!!

Separate section for the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. Much hyped, it's in a difficult to get to area (take the address and a map) and it's teeny tiny. Like someone's front room. Too warm, most the cakes around the room weren't cup cakes. They had a lot of staff for the size of the room and a guy who basically worked the door like a club doorman. Would I visit again? Maybe if I wanted a full cake, we just went to try it out and despite the hyped up multiple flavours, we only saw two trays we could pick stuff up from so my sis bought a chocolate, I bought a vanilla and bought a red velvet since in the UK we don't do it. The red velvet one was worth the hype. Lighter frosting, really moist and soft sponge in the despicable red. The other ones just weren't as nice.

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