Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Bristol Blue

Apparently this is what Bristol is famous for. Bristol Blue. I had a vaguest recollection somewhere about it but did a search today. Picture is filched from a website of the same name. In all honesty, the only Bristol Blue I've seen, is one lone bottle behind the reception of my current client. That's only because I've been storing my luggage behind there that I noticed. (Always notice breakables when you are a klutz like me!)

This is an entirely non-foody blog day. My back is aching, I have eaten Japanese to the gills in Bristol. I'm debating whether tips are allowed on expenses. I'm wearing a pair of black jeans bought this week and have just realised one of the belt loops needs attaching. (But they look good and didn't cost me £81 but the bargain price of £25. Okay at Dorothy Perkins it was the pricier pair but still!!) I am still wanting the Gucci watch (Black dahhling) but since I've not been in London, none of the shops seem to carry the crazy priced watches for some reason... *hmm* but anyway, it remains my lust object, and maybe in a year's time I'll actually buy it. Maybe if I didn't traipse around the country and didn't risk leaving it in hotel rooms that is.

Feeling the weight of endless work engagements now (can you believe it's been less than two weeks since I had two weeks off? Of course that was exams so that's hardly restful!). But work stretches out before me until Christmas. Whereupon I have my days booked between Christmas and New Year. Pity. Christmas always spells a more fun office. Albeit with the hot desking environment I think I might be disappointed. This week, work-wise, apart from the inevitable feel of a lightening bolt striking my head every time my current profession is announced, it has been good. I'm sat with some crazy guys doing reconciliations as a day job. But in all honesty lean on their arms, take naps and discuss who sung "Bad Day" and the reasons why they are taking Japanese classes (to read Manga baby!!). They do a good job of what they do, but there's a definite camaraderie that's slightly more lacking in what I do because we don't sit with each other every day. Saying that we text, online message and generally rip into each other with equal abandonment across the electronic airwaves. I complain a lot. I complain when I know people too well. I complain when it's that little bit more distant.

A bit more gym this weekend, and hopefully my first facial. Need to contemplate snack pimping and addressing that list of things to make at some point. Think cheesecake has risen to the top of the list though as the Xmas bake - purely because we have relatives that eat it and it's the mother-one-up-man-ship game. (Bear in mind these are not schoolyard stalkers, these are ladies of the pensionable era). Since I don't like cheesecake particularly and I have until Christmas to get a good one going, I better get started so my family don't die of heart attacks from regular portions of whipped and baked cheese. Ta-tah for now. xx

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