Saturday, 11 October 2008

Sour cream and apples

I'm a bad, bad person. I bought sour cream last week and still haven't used it. Well I was in Bristol all week. Work. Rather fabulous city although no dessert! Which is namely because of the colleague I was with. Oh well. At least I suppose I am no heavier. That might change this weekend since the sour cream is still in date so I can bake with it. I did manage to dine at the recommended Bordeaux Quay in Bristol though and it was really affordable. Well I say really - the service charge is automatically added, but they didn't charge us for water which I was surprised by. So used to water being pressed upon you for £XXXX that I actually feel bad that we didn't buy a drink or have dessert (like I said, colleague). So I will look around and see what I can make with sour cream, although I can always do my favourite cupcakes, it seems lacking in va-va-voom experimentation today.

The apples by the way are the product of some man with a large organic stock who is giving them to my mother (generous!) Rosy red, they make good eating stock apparently but perhaps maybe we can do some pan-fried with pork or something. We shall see. Hopefully back on with some pictures later today, but meanwhile I will just catch up with some Desperate Housewives!

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