Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Raspberry Crumb Squares... my style

Sense the inevitable.

These Raspberry Crumb Squares are not made of raspberry.
They're not Square.
And er... yeah we changed the recipe. But not by enough it seems.

Magnolia Bakery cookbook, your cult status fails me. Why did it surprise me? I didn't like any of the cupcakes bar the Red Velvet in the shop!!

They were... bland. Which shouldn't of surprised me based on the ingredients but I did try namely because it seemed so simple. I made just a quarter of the amount specified in the recipe (maximum butter usage for me in any recipe is one package), and since I don't like the seeds in raspberry jam I used blackberry jam.

Rough recipe - it would be pointless to reproduce.

1. Mix melted butter with flour and form into a dough.
2. Spread dough on baking sheet and bake for 15.
3. Leave to cool and spread over jam.
4. Make crumble from sugar, butter and flour.
5. Spread over base and bake for a further 15.

It just tastes of what it tastes of - butter and flour. Needs almonds, coconut, vanilla, some salt... it is still bearable though. Heated up in the microwave, and if I could make the effort I'd pour over some custard. Will I make it again? Not likely.

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