Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sunday bakes

My cake stuff arrived!!! Very happy. Forked out some chi-ching money for some nordic bakeware which I've always been a bit dubious about - it may be gorgeous but it weighs a ton and will it/won't it come out the tin like it does on tv? Worry not! The cakes came out really easy, and when I say easy, I flipped them out with my fingers.

You can see that the shapes came out nicely, although because I wasn't using a pound cake/bundt cake type recipe, there are some little air bubbles in the design. The recipe I used was for easy yellow cupcakes from Cupcakes! And it was a surprise to me how they turned out because, well, I always make them as the base of the vanilla cheesecake cupcakes, hence I've never seen what they ACTUALLY look like. All in all, very nice but I'd definitely try these out with some spice cake mix or apple sauce cake. Oh the excitement! Mother dearest naturally flinched when I told her the cost - but I'm ill so it's not like she can actually yell at me properly for it. She also commented that it was *sniff* just looks and cake would be just as good plain. HAH! You know as soon as I go back to work she'll be using that tin and leaving crusty bits of cake on my non-stick (she does this to my Hello Kitty Jelly moulds already).

My other purchase was some leaf cutters :) Very sedate and grown up for me. I did want to ice them but as usual I just felt... lazy. Instead I dipped them in chocolate. They just tasted... slightly lemony with the plain chocolate. The recipe was from the Ultimate Cookie Book which I halved, but that somehow doesn't stop the necessity of adding lots of flour to the mix. Something to consider with the chill recipes in Ultimate Cookie. One of these days I will achieve the incredibly thin delicate sugar cookies of lore.

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