Friday, 26 September 2008

They arrived!!

Amazon delivers! And whilst I was being a lazy bum they were downstairs...

Book1: Better Homes and Gardens: The ULTIMATE cookie book looks like something I will definitely cook many recipes from, pour over and make lots of fat friends from :D

Book2: The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook was the one I bought to make the £15 threshold for free delivery (that's a skill, you aim to get £15 and then you spend £17 extra) I know I shouldn't have. Heck I remember being in NY, not loving the cupcakes, and coming back finding a few on the internet and still... mmmm I don't know.

But there it was. A big coconut cake on the cover. With stiff icing. And a rich, deep devils food cake next to it for contrast. I don't think I'm sending it back somehow! It is the priciest book I've bought for ages and low value in fairness. It's relatively slender and doesn't have the multiple pictures that I've gotten so used to. Still, if I make a good chocolate cake, a good coconut cake and the one fruit torte which looks more like sponge, then it will be worth it no? It's sitting to my left right now, smugly squat and knowing that it's not going to be sent back. (When cooking books speak to you I'm guessing the men in white coats are only minutes away...)

OH TO GET THIS EXAM OVER WITH (one week to the day!)
Then I can bake. Then I can go to the gym and pretend it makes the slightest bit of difference.

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