Sunday, 28 September 2008

I want nobody, nobody but you....

Thanks to my friend I now have an addiction to a Korean girl band. Think Girls Aloud. Think PussyCatDolls with less gynecological cameramen. This is as sexed up as mainstream Oriental pop acts have ever been. I love the cartoon dancing (it's slightly reminiscent of dances in videogames) and evidently the fact they sing in Korean does not make a bit of difference to me. Meet.... the WonderGirls.

And now to food... or reading anyway! First read of the day was National Geographic in the bathroom. That was interesting, especially when you consider the copy was from October 1980!! Apparently sis went to the second hand shops and bought a few to look at. Had to say I was mainly looking at the adverts. The height of designs that year for Cartier watches and Nikon cameras! My how twenty odd years changes things. It is amazing though. Tempted to buy some more and frame the adverts.

Reading part 2: Waitrose magazine downstairs whilst I was eating my cornflakes. As a time saving option, why not buy ready made mash which you can reheat... in 40 minutes. It takes less time to make from scratch surely? But I suppose that's 40 minutes in the bathroom pampering rather than pounding the pesky lumps out. Also quite funny (I'm easily amused) their range of bistro foods, the Finest, Treat Yourself type range... guess what it's called? As Good As Going Out. Jesus. And they PAID someone to come up with that?

We need a picture. Oh here, have the one from William Curley of what the dish looked like when I ate it.

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Ohamme said...

THATS ME! :D THE WONDERGIRLS ARE AWESOME! And did you not know that Korea has some of the Perviests Camera men in the world, there is one youtube like I will have to find you. :P