Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Shopping blog

Okay I think I'm so desperate to write things that this has steered away from a baking blog to ... a blog. But much excitement - my ipod dock/alarm clock arrived!! Very happy. My laptop was designed for business use and so the speakers are abysmal. And this is coming from a girl who listens to tapes recorded from the radio on a Panasonic tapedeck still!! I feel the lack of pictures though and so here's a picture from William Curley's in Mayfair. One of the more recent additions to my cake walk in Green Park, it's slightly more hidden away, they do cakes at John Lewis on Oxford Street too.

When we went it was for the dessert bar where they make the dessert in front of you (really more of a construction job, but kind of cool watching people who actually know how to pipe stuff). It was really an effort for me to try and recreate the experience I hoped to have in NY, but since we had cool desserts every day, making the effort to find an out of way dessert bar fell to bottom of the list. Check it out if you do go that way, because I want to know if it's worth the hype. Chikalicious.

Have to say, the actual cake was lovely, probably because I rarely get the full done up type of desserts (although these days eating on expenses I get a bit more!) But don't think anything beats a proper crumble and custard. Will construct of list of things I want to do and try and do it next year. Pudding club is one of them.

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