Monday, 22 September 2008

Happy Bunny Day!

Okay I have a slight... obsession with wedding cakes. In fact my friends have reached the point where they just expect me to be incredibly critical about their wedding cakes. I'm well...I keep my opinions from the bride and groom naturally but I always think a cake should reflect them and boring cakes don't hit the spot. (There is a difference between boring and classic mind!)

I am happy today (despite now rainy weather) because a mate of my sister's is getting married and my sister is bridesmaid (we think - the offer has been extended and retracted before as there is a certain indecision regarding the matter.) We've known this for awhile, but basically the CAKE and the decisions surrounding it have entered my sphere. Consultancy here I come!! :P First off, it's GREAT when someone cares about the cake. My friend's couldn't give a monkeys and she was told the morning of the wedding that they got a cake arranged by dad (I'd like to say, she did get married in Thailand and the "wedding" with the cake was more like an afterthought where we had to dress up. It was a very yummy cake actually (chinese) but there was no obsessive, compulsive comparison of flavours, designs, etcetcetc.... what some people do with the dress, I think about with the cake. I have all this with my sister's mate *gleams*.

You couldn't possibly care (if anyone is actually reading this), but so far we are very likely to get one made of cheese as well. (Happy dance somewhere...) The sweet cake is varying between cupcake ones, traditional ones, chocolate ones... originally the remit was this:
Layer 1: Chocolate cake
Layer 2: Fruit cake (she's traditional)
Layer 3: Cheesecake.
Very excited and throwing all kinds of questions at her. I don't fancy making a wedding cake (too much pressure and I can't decorate jack...) but certainly a girl on a budget I'm trying to be as sensible as possible! (Not all people want to blow several thou on a cake!!)

Love and kisses from a happy, but should study, amateur wedding cake consultant :D

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